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What is Edge?
Server don't hurt me.
Don't hurt me. No more.

The CDN Edge allows to run the code very close to your audience. Have the fastest personalization experience possible. Globally.

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What is Edge

Static and Dynamic. Merged.

The CDN Edge server sits at the border of a network, namely, it's Edge. This characteristic allows us to store a site's content right next to the requesting client machine.

Applications run directly on the network's edge. Faster than server. And more powerful than static CDN.

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Edge Case Study

A/B Testing at the Edge for DrSmile

Maximum performance. With no flickering.

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Having to deal with the flickering produced by client side A/B testing apps used to be a necessary pain. But now it is over! The combination of Optimizely Full Stack and Cloudflare Workers Edge technology grants a seamless and fast user experience while maintaining tracking and reporting as accurately as it can be.

Alberto Adame
Alberto AdameSenior Product Manager at DrSmile



14 days

time to new market


monthly users

Technologies we use

Building at the edge

Digital Experience Platforms (DXP)


Edge Platforms

What it does best

Edge Use Cases

Good mobile experience

A/B testing

Test different variations without sacrificing performance.



Offer a customized experience for every user.

One development

Localize content

Serve content based on location and language.

Great performance

Keep the data where you want

Data can't leave EU? No problem. No need to send your user's data to servers across the whole globe.

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Verify the user directly at the edge. Instant response with no loading spinners.

How we work

Get your project a pro service

Define project goals

Define project goals

We’ll discuss the main objectives of your PWA to keep them in mind during the whole project.

Suitable toolset

Suitable toolset

Thanks to our know-how we’ll present you a couple of technologies, that will let your PWA meet your goals best.

Transparent work environment

Transparent work environment

Slack workspace, Jira project, Github repository, you’ll get access to all of these to always be in the know how your PWA project is going.

Afterproject relationship

Afterproject relationship

As with all our projects, we’ll be glad to stay in touch with you after the PWA is built, handling all your feature requests and maintenance, so you can focus on growing your business.

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