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Modern Web Development

Jamstack is a modern approach to web development that enables building high-performance front-end websites. It makes websites faster, more secure, and more scalable. This way, developers can work productively with their favorite web development technologies and workflows. Using pre-rendering and decoupling as core principles, developers deliver products with greater confidence and resilience.

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Troubleshoot your site

Do you have these problems?

Jamstack is the solution!

My website loads too slowly

Clients leave your site because of slow page loading speeds and poor performance. Worse yet, their bad experience will likely make them never return.

Speed-up your website

Jamstack websites are fast because every single element is generated before the page is displayed to visitors. Static sites mean faster sites, even up to 10x!

Google doesn't index my page

Even when your website looks great and works properly, if Google doesn't index it, your client can't find it. It decreases your sales significantly.

Improved SEO

Due to their speed, lightness, and ease of scanning, Google prefers static HTML files. It means better ranking possibilities, which equals more traffic and more revenue.

My website is not secure

Do you have security problems on your website because of outdated API? Have you ever experienced a hacker's attack? Those are important reasons why you can't keep your customers.


Jamstack sites with no plugins or databases have fewer failure points and are like a fortress. Hackers don't have a point of entry. More secure site also means fewer security expenses.

The marketing team is frustrated with the current CMS

Inefficient and rigid CMS discourages your team because managing content is challenging. Worse still, you risk losing conversions and lowering revenue.

Painless content management

To sustain the success of any website or app, the ‘maker experience’ is essential. With headless CMSes, you can easily and freely design, build, and maintain quality web experiences.

My website has low bandwidth when we have a peak in marketing

Do you call with panic often your hosting service that your “Bandwidth Limit Exceeded”? Upgrading your bandwidth during the busiest periods can be irritating and costly.

Reliable uptime

Traffic bigger than usual? Not an issue here. The Jamstack website can handle increasing traffic without additional effort because its uptime is at any time.

I've noticed an increased drop-off and bounce rate on my website

Your clients have difficulty visiting your website across different devices, especially on mobile. The drop-off and bounce rate of your product significantly arose.

The best UX

UX on Jamstack websites responds to users' needs and expectations: high-speed loading, easy-to-read content, responsive design working perfectly on every device, and clear and well-organized navigation.

My website generates additional costs with its hosting and maintenance

Your new website still generates so many expenses with its hosting and maintenance. Its administrator has to always keep an eye on it to ensure it works properly.

Lower cost and future-proofness

Using Jamstack, we can build websites that are easy to manage and future-proof because of their agility for changes and adaptiveness to new technology. Their hosting is cheaper because they don’t require too much storage space.




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The Process

1. Setting up the clear project goals

During online meetings, we gather the project requirements and documentation and discuss them with you to ensure we understand them the same way. By learning what your business needs most to thrive, what your objectives are, and your expectations, we will stay focused on them during the whole project.

2. Tech stack matching, kickoff, and plan

Thanks to our expertise, we'll offer you a couple of technologies that will suit your interests and requirements best. The Project Manager and Development Team Leader create a backlog and roadmap for the project. They also set up a transparent work environment by giving you access to Slack workspace, Jira board, and Github repository to ensure you are always up to date with work progress.

3. Creating a web design

If there is such a need, we cooperate with our design team with UI, UX, and product designers. According to your business goals, they plan and prepare research methodologies, mood boards, wireframes, prototypes, and high-fidelity designs for your new product. Each step will need to be approved by the client before the final project, the same as budget reestimation based on it.

4. Web development

We develop websites in a decoupled architecture based on our expertise and final design projects (delivered by our internal design team or the customer). In weekly or bi-weekly meetings, we present a product demo, update you on the time and budget and present the plan for the next sprint.

5. Testing, training, and launching

Testing is integral to the Bejamas approach in website and application development. Each test enables us to ensure that the systems are bug-free, meet client expectations and fulfill end users' functional and aesthetic needs. Before the launch, you can also expect training by accessing CMS and the demo environment. With the final live website, we provide you with all code documentation and style guide.

6. Afterproject relationship

Our team will be happy to stay with you, handling your feature requests and maintenance so that you can grow your business seamlessly. With us, you can develop your product further from design to development. After product release, your company can always count on additional research, support, and verification of the product.

Customer Success

We struggled with Backlinko's loading speed for years. Due to large, high-res images and illustrations, our page sizes were enormous. And despite optimizing our WordPress theme as much as possible, our load times were still slow. That's when we decided to work with Bejamas to help move us over to Next.js. The move made a tremendous difference in our load times and Core Web Vitals scores.

Brian Dean
Brian DeanSEO Expert, Founder of


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What people say

We struggled with Backlinko's loading speed for years. Due to large, high-res images and illustrations, our page sizes were enormous. And despite optimizing our WordPress theme as much as possible, our load times were still slow.

That's when we decided to work with Bejamas to help move us over to Next.js. The move made a tremendous difference in our load times and Core Web Vitals scores.

Brian Dean
Brian Dean

SEO Expert, Founder of

We decided on Bejamas to support us in moving to a headless CMS and landed on Contentful. After the migration, we were able to roll out new international countries in a matter of days, something that took weeks beforehand.

Christopher von Wedemeyer
Christopher von Wedemeyer

CEO at Dr Smile

I wanted to work with a team that had the same values of craftsmanship and quality. We also wanted a team that would build the site using Next.js to have fewer technologies in use at the company.

Anthony Short
Anthony Short

Engineering Manager at Newfront Insurance

We went with Bejamas to better understand the performance and related tradeoffs when we began working with SSG on our Next.js shop app, powered by Commerce Layer. The Bejamas performance audit and workshop were very effective: a competent analysis, conveyed in a clear and actionable way. We got lots of value from it, both in terms of perspective and in hard business results.

Martin Froehlich
Martin Froehlich

Engineering Manager at SumUp

We were asked by the UN to support their Covid-19 response with both a creative call out to our community but also a content hub to host the approved work for download by their partners and the world at large. We could not have built this without Denis and the team at Bejamas who worked around the clock to accommodate the urgent requests of both us and the UN. Nothing was ever too much for them to do and they worked both responsively and collaboratively to build and evolve the hub functionality which has become an integral part of the UN’s ongoing Covid-19 response.

Clare McKeeve
Clare McKeeve

Chief Executive Officer at TLNT Holdings SA

Having worked intensively with Bejamas on multiple projects, our partnership has been a professional and productive experience with impressive results to date. The team is responsive, full of ideas, and delivers on their commitments. I can highly recommend Bejamas as a serious partner in modern web development projects involving Jamstack and React.

Eppo Heemstra
Eppo Heemstra

Marketing Operations Manager at Mambu

Based on customers' feedback,
Bejamas guarantees:

Efficient communication

Despite huge time differences in a few of our projects, our customers claim they receive all answers within 24 hours.

Deadline as our second name

In most cases, we complete all projects on time or suggest a solution to support your launch.

Quality of work

Our delivered projects are pixel-perfect, fast, and of the highest standard on the market.

Top-notch project management

Working closely with the vision keeper and reiterator results is the most appropriate solution to solve our client's problem.

Full control of the budget

We establish precise requirements at the beginning of every project. Transparently, we often inform a client about the actual budget state.

True Agile process

The Agile approach helps us to deliver quick and efficient results and provides long-term project maintenance.

Together, let's do something great!

Leave us a message, or just ask for free call

Leave us a message, or just ask for free call

Let us know what is the scope of your project? Are there any specific needs, deliverables or milestones that would be helpful to know about?

Initial research about your project

Initial research about your project

We'll contact you as soon as possible and start the initial research process by talking to you about your project's goals and how we can help.

Get tailored estimation and plan

Get tailored estimation and plan

Based on the gathered information about your needs and requirements, we will prepare a tailored proposal with budget estimation and a project plan.

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We'll help you build a fast and modern website, custom web application, or eCommerce store that will bring you customers and stay on top of your competition.

Denis Kostrzewa

Denis Kostrzewa

Head of Sales

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