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Build and develop your online businesses with us. By designing eCommerce websites, we offer unique shopping experiences that make you stand out from the competition.



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What is it?

eCommerce refers to the process of buying and selling goods or services on the internet, as well as transferring money and data.

With today's technology, business owners can reach more customers and expand beyond their local markets at much lower costs. Online shopping is becoming increasingly personalized for customers so they can shop anywhere and anytime from the comfort of their homes.

Fronted & Backend using Jamstack

Commerce Tools
Commerce Layer

eCommerce benefits

Excellent performance
Whatever tool you go with, you can expect it to be fast. Replacing database queries with CDN-based content serving allows for faster load times.
Different eCommerce solutions
A rich ecosystem with tools like Commercelayer or Snipcart helps. On top of that, Shopify offers more with the Jamstack approach. So does WordPress.
Withdrawing complex server-side architectures reduces potential breaches and the need for constant maintenance.
No-sweat content management
Headless CMSes let you build a website that is easy to use and customize.
Reliable uptime & lower costs
You'll inevitably cut operational costs by reducing development time and ditching servers, databases, and plugins.

Achieve a good eCommerce conversion rate with a modern, personal and fast shopping experience




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Deployment Platform

Digital Ocean
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300+Delivered projects
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The Process

1. Setting up the clear project goals

During online meetings, we gather the project requirements and documentation and discuss them with you to ensure we understand them the same way. By learning what your business needs most to thrive, what your objectives are, and your expectations, we will stay focused on them during the whole project.

2. Tech stack matching, kickoff, and plan

Thanks to our expertise, we'll offer you a couple of technologies that will suit your interests and requirements best. The Project Manager and Development Team Leader create a backlog and roadmap for the project. They also set up a transparent work environment by giving you access to Slack workspace, Jira board, and Github repository to ensure you are always up to date with work progress.

3. Designing an eCommerce website

If there is such a need, we cooperate with our design team with UI, UX, and product designers. According to your business goals, they plan and prepare research methodologies, mood boards, wireframes, prototypes, and high-fidelity designs for your new product. Each step will need to be approved by the client before the final project, the same as budget reestimation based on it.

4. ECommerce web development

We develop websites in a decoupled architecture based on our expertise and final design projects (delivered by our internal design team or the customer). In weekly or bi-weekly meetings, we present a product demo, update you on the time and budget and present the plan for the next sprint.

5. Testing, training, and launching

Testing is integral to the Bejamas approach in website and application development. Each test enables us to ensure that the systems are bug-free, meet client expectations and fulfill end users' functional and aesthetic needs. Before the launch, you can also expect training by accessing CMS and the demo environment. With the final live website, we provide you with all code documentation and style guide.

6. Afterproject relationship

Our team will be happy to stay with you, handling your feature requests and maintenance so that you can grow your business seamlessly. With us, you can develop your product further from design to development. After product release, your company can always count on additional research, support, and verification of the product.

Based on customers' feedback,
Bejamas guarantees:

Efficient communication

Despite huge time differences in a few of our projects, our customers claim they receive all answers within 24 hours.

Deadline as our second name

In most cases, we complete all projects on time or suggest a solution to support your launch.

Quality of work

Our delivered projects are pixel-perfect, fast, and of the highest standard on the market.

Top-notch project management

Working closely with the vision keeper and reiterator results is the most appropriate solution to solve our client's problem.

Full control of the budget

We establish precise requirements at the beginning of every project. Transparently, we often inform a client about the actual budget state.

True Agile process

The Agile approach helps us to deliver quick and efficient results and provides long-term project maintenance.

Meet our team

Thom Krupa

Thom Krupa


Arek Gorecki

Arek Gorecki

Frontend Architect

Gracjan Opiela

Gracjan Opiela

Frontend Team Leader

Daniel Woloszyn

Daniel Woloszyn

Frontend Team Leader

Patrycja Dzaluk

Patrycja Dzaluk


Together, let's do something great!

Leave us a message, or just ask for free call

Leave us a message, or just ask for free call

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Initial research about your project

Initial research about your project

We'll contact you as soon as possible and start the initial research process by talking to you about your project's goals and how we can help.

Get tailored estimation and plan

Get tailored estimation and plan

Based on the gathered information about your needs and requirements, we will prepare a tailored proposal with budget estimation and a project plan.

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Denis Kostrzewa

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