Paid Writing Program

In our continuous effort to give back to the dev community that helped us become one of the leading agencies in the Jamstack space, we’re opening our Paid Writing Program.

There are topics we'd love to cover but don't have the time. And there are topics you think deserve a bigger dev audience than you can reach right now. That’s where PWP kicks in.

  • Write about Jamstack, serverless and modern web development.
  • Get paid for every approved article. Final price depends on the topic, quality of your writing and technical depth.
  • We provide illustrations and other graphics.
  • We can help with editing and always give you a feedback.
  • Reach thousands of people. We promote it on our social media and newsletter.

The Process

How do we work?

Request submission

Fill up the form above and submit!

Review & pick the topic

We will review your application. If you don't have an idea for a post, we will give you a list of suggested topics we'd love to see covered.

First rough draft

Once we agree on the topic, you can start work on a draft. We will review it and give feedback.

Review the final post

The last step is to make all creatives like the cover illustration. We do some final editing and proofreading.

Publish and promote!

We publish the post and help with promotion. We are not looking for ghostwriters, so we will always credit the writers!