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Jamstack is not about a specific technology. It is a modern web development architecture that emphasizes the use of CDNs and decoupling services.

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Case studies

Moving Backlinko to Headless WordPress and Next.js

SEO businesses feel the Jamstack vibes. When Google announced their upcoming Page Experience update, Backlinko realized that they needed to improve their website. We are happy we could help.

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Case Study: Radio Program Analysis App for Swiss Federal Agency

Though we are Jamstack focused web dev shop sometimes, for some of our clients, we step out of our comfort zone to work on interesting projects like Radio Program Analysis App that we built for a Swiss federal agency.

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Towards A Better Education: Avenues Case Study

For Avenues, the performance increases that came with a static site were icing on the cake.

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Dev talks

CSS-in-JS vs CSS: What Are The Main Performance Differences?

CSS vs. CSS-in-JS? Explore your options for styling a modern frontend framework, as well as the benefits and drawbacks of each to help you pick the right one.

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GraphQL is gaining momentum as a revolutionary alternative to REST APIs, yet, it has advantages and disadvantages. Depending on your specific needs, you will need to choose between GraphQL or REST API. We'll go through the fundamental distinctions between GraphQL and REST APIs to help you make the best decision.

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Learn Modern Web Development With Discovery Hub

Headless CMSs, static site generators, cloud hosting/deployment platforms...we're reviewing the best tools in Jamstack space for all of us.

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Leading Clients' Projects

In web development, team diversity is the key to success. But sometimes, it may lead to conflicts or misunderstanding of the common goal. For that reason, every team should have the person who will set the standards - the team leader.

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Jamstack Universe

Remix vs Next.js

Remix, an edge-first, React-based full-stack framework created by the original team behind react-router, was recently open-sourced - and Next.js just got itself a strong new opponent. Honestly, that's never a bad thing!

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Understanding Rendering in the Jamstack

Rendering in the Jamstack? From client-side to server-side rendering, and even distributed persistent rendering - here’s what sets Jamstack apart.

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The Best Web Development Courses in 2021

The best web development courses that will surely help you become a web developer in 2021 (and beyond).

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4 Insights From a Remote-First Team During Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic transformed our reality pretty fast and rather brutal. We're already 6 months into it and it's is a perfect time to share what we, as a remote-first team, learned during these trying times.

The Rise of Remote Work: Myths, Benefits, and Drawbacks

The location is no longer the limitation of doing work just as remote work is no longer limited to startup employees and trendy businesses.

JAMming in Palermo: Devs vs Sicily

How the toe of Italy's boot was conquered by Jamstack devs.

JAMming in Malaga: How to Build a Remote Working Dev Team on a Company Retreat

This is a story about building Bejamas remote team on a team building trip.