Kentico Kontent

Kentico Kontent Review and Features

Written by Patrycja Dzaluk

Last update: 6/11/2024

What is Kentico Kontent?

Kentico Kontent is a modern cloud-first headless CMS, which gives a comprehensive digital experience for editors and developers. Thanks to the SaaS model architecture it is able to deliver multichannel content from a single content repository and grant fast API to display the content on any device.

Kentico Kontent helps distributed teams to collaborate thanks to the simultaneous editing, inline comments, and built-in suggestion mode. Editors are allowed to control the content through custom workflows and plan the reviews and releases of the content in time.

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User interface

Kentico Kontent editors app is very user-friendly. It doesn’t require any technical skills. The interface is clean, modern, and intuitive. Upon your first visit to the editor app, you’ll be greeted by the brief introduction via helper pop-ups.

You’ll also get access to introductory webinars for the first configuration as well as more complex implementations. Thanks to all of these materials and comprehensive documentation, editors and developers will have no barriers to start their experience with Kentico Kontent.

Web Spotlight

Worth mentioning here is one of the newest features of Kentico Kontent - Web Spotlight. It's a way to bring the Jamstack site right into the headless CMS UI. This is great for non-technical users - they are able to see and edit the site like they were used to from traditional CMSes.No more wasted time on waiting for the page to build to see the applied changes. Web Spotlight is giving editors a real live experience

Kentico Kontent API

Kentico Kontent offers a super-fast API, which allows you to transfer data rapidly in both directions - from Kontent to your App and from the App to the Kontent. If you are reading this review you are probably already familiar with the Jamstack approach or you will be soon. Kentico Kontent as a headless CMS is a well-driven platform for lightweight, fast-performing, and secure websites made with static site generators.

One of the recommended static site generators by Kontent is Gatsby. WIth the official first-class Gatsby plugin gatsby-source-kontent, retrieving data isn’t complicated. This plugin generates GraphQL nodes for all Kentico Kontent content types, items, and language variants and all you have to do is to write efficient queries in your code.

The second useful plugin is gatsby-kontent-components, which contains React components for content types groups, e.g. ImageElement which wraps GatsbyImage, RichTextElement which provides you resolution functions.

If you are not using Gatsby, you can still connect Kontent with your SSG using a Delivery SDK for your platform, or use raw Kontent Delivery API, which is a read-only REST API that serves published content. But if you consider having read/write permissions via your project you may also try Management API, the second secure REST API that Kentico Kontent offers with JavaScript/TypeScript SDK.


Kentico Kontent delivers responsive and comprehensive support. The majority of clients underline the good quality of Kentico support. There are multi-channels of support served by Kentico Kontent - from the simple e-mail, via call centers to chat with the engineer.

Kontent also has a Discord server led by its MVPs - recognized external professionals - where anyone can discuss their projects.

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Kentico Kontent Pros and Cons

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