Jamstack & Nature: Removing Carbon Emissions with Charm Industrial

Last update: Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Written by: Magda T.

For years, humans have used and abused the environment and all it has offered us, up to the point that we've put it in danger.

It's no secret, we're deeply indebted to nature and must do everything in our power to preserve and protect it. That is exactly what Charm Industrial is trying to do in its mission to permanently remove CO₂ from the atmosphere.

The Jamstack community is also committed to using technology in a more sustainable way, which is why our team at Bejamas jumped at the opportunity to partner with Charm Industrial in their goal to inform and encourage more clients to purchase carbon removal subscriptions.

A little background on Charm Industrial

Back in 2018, a group of engineers joined forces on a difficult but important journey: rolling back generations of environmental damage through the complete removal of CO₂.

Peter Reinhardt, Kelly Hering, and Shaun Meehan founded Charm Industrial in San Francisco.

Let's go a bit into the science behind it, shall we?

Applying their engineering knowledge, they set out to convert waste biomass into bio-oil using a process called fast pyrolysis.

How do they achieve CO₂ removal with this technique? Well, once converted into bio-oil, they inject it deep underground as negative emissions or reform it to produce green hydrogen as a fuel and industrial chemical.

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There's no doubt their product works, but they still had one more challenge: they needed to find a better way to promote it and sell it to their clients.

Promoting the Removal of CO₂ with the Jamstack

When their team reached out to us asking for a clean, reliable, and easy-to-use website that allowed for online purchases to be made -- we knew exactly how Jamstack could help!

Super aligned to their mission of building a better world for the future, our team got ready to work in order to deliver their requests:

  • Building a new homepage
  • Automating the payment process
  • A redesign that encourages companies to purchase more biomass

Building Charm Industrial's Jamstack Website

The main point of their website is that it had to be lighting-fast, with an eye-catching design that would inform and entice their customers to purchase their products.

Of course, we used the Jamstack approach with a headless CMS, to create a static site that looked beautiful and contained all the information needed for anyone looking to purchase from Charm Industrial.

The Stack

Our stack included some great tools such as:


Using Gatsby was a no-brainer when thinking about simplicity. It allows us to combine features from anywhere with React, GraphQL, and Webpack to help us build a static website that delivered on its promise of being painless and effortless.

Storyblok CMS

Since we wanted to build the most well-grounded and fast site to make sure it was as sustainable as possible, we used Storyblok as our headless content management system. Choosing Storyblok ensures that the Charm team can quickly make edits without the need for any code.


TailwindCSS is a CSS framework that sets the focus on utility and display. In Charm's case, it was indispensable that the site looked nice with consistent color palettes and typography. All the while making sure the CSS bundle is a small as possible -- again fulfilling our common goal of eco-friendliness,

The request was straightforward - simplify and automate and time was of the essence. What came next was automating the payment process.

Automating the payment process

Here's what we would say is the most important part of our work with Charm Industrial. They were dealing with purchases in a manual way, which is not sustainable for a business with such ambitious goals of reaching +1 Million ARR.

Our team quickly moved to implement a reliable and quick automated payment system using Stripe. Not only does this make the purchasing process way simpler for their customers, but it also adds trust to purchase through their website and advances their goal to remove all the manual labor that was behind their previous payment option.

As our Front-lead developer, Damian Rogulski, described:

Stripe has a very fast-to-develop feature called Stripe Checkout where you can create a checkout without much work. It also has an excellent dashboard with a lot of options to configure your payments and a powerful dashboard for admins to manage every payment transaction.

Damian RogulskiFront-end lead developer at Bejamas

A nice redesign that encourages companies to purchase more biomass

The result? We were able to deliver a sleek website that is not only beautiful and fast but it also does the job! Now, it wouldn't be too nice if we said so ourselves, though. Here's what Ilya Volodarsky from Charm Industrial had to say about the outcome:

We loved working with Bejamas to build Charm Industrial's new website to allow consumers and small businesses to create carbon removal monthly subscriptions. Their team was a joy to work with, they were clear in their communication, they fell in love with Charm's mission, and the result shows. Not only did they deliver the new site on time, but the site was incredibly stable and had great UX. In a few months, we were able to achieve an incredibly high speed of iteration, which allowed us to improve all the features and ship them on time!

Ilya VolodarskyCo-founder at Charm Industrial, Co-founder at Segment

Contributing to Charm Industrial's Mission

Protecting our planet is one of our core values at Bejamas, and this project was very close to our hearts.

We're happy to have worked on making this site a more successful way to promote sustainability through the removal of carbon emissions and also to be part of their mission.

We're proud to say we took action and purchased a subscription to CO₂ removal.

Contribute to the environment now and help remove CO₂ with Charm Industrial!