Progressive Web App

A fast app-like experience in a browser

Developing your business with Progressive Web App saves you money and time you’d spend on building native apps for multiple platforms. Going Jamstack way will give you low hosting costs and incredibly good performance, so you won’t lose any users.

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What is Jamstack

Jamstack means an alternative approach for building websites and web applications. The JAM here stands for JavaScript, APIs, and Markdown. For your progressive web application, it means lower costs, scalability, and incredibly good performance.

Building our apps we use battle-tested technologies like GatsbyJS, NextJS, Contentful, AWS, Netlify, and others.

Sites with Benefits

How Jamstack supports your PWA

Good mobile experience

Give users all mobile app features in the browser, without pushing them to download your app. Also offline.

One development

Don’t bother building many platforms for different OSes and devices. Save money instead - PWA can be both a website and mobile app.

Great performance

As it caches data, exploring the app is incredibly fast, guaranteeing delightful mobile experiences on all devices.


PWAs are great for moving web apps to mobile devices. Serverless architecture scales automatically as your user base or usage increases.


With Jamstack, your PWA can be hosted like any static site. Nothing minimizes hosting expenses better than serving static assets from the CNDs.


Our website previously was static, and we wanted enhancements to the presentation layer. Thankfully, Bejamas knows how to build a good website.

Benjamin Lotan

Benjamin Lotan,
Senior Marketing Manager at Newfront Insurance

Having worked intensively with Bejamas on multiple projects, our partnership has been a professional and productive experience with impressive results to date. The team is responsive, full of ideas and delivers on their commitments. I can highly recommend Bejamas as a serious partner in modern web development projects involving Jamstack and React.

Eppo Heemstra

Eppo Heemstra,
Marketing Operations Manager at Mambu

Bejamas stood out as experts on the Jamstack products that are available and recommended Storyblok CMS which was not on our radar previously. That kind of guidance, approachability and subject matter expertise is what we were looking for. I am very happy with our decision.

Dmitry Terner

Dmitry Terner,
Website Manager at Avenues

Technologies we use

Beautifying the web

Data Sources


Deploy & CDN


Get your project a pro service

Define project goals

We’ll discuss the main objectives of your PWA to keep them in mind during the whole project.

Suitable toolset

Thanks to our know-how we’ll present you a couple of technologies, that will let your PWA meet your goals best.

Transparent work environment

Slack workspace, Jira project, Github repository, you’ll get access to all of these to always be in the know how your PWA project is going.

Afterproject relationship

As with all our projects, we’ll be glad to stay in touch with you after the PWA is built, handling all your feature requests and maintenance, so you can focus on growing your business.

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