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Digital Design

Product design, branding, UI/UX design, and accessibility. Bejamas sub-brand Dodonut, a sustainable website design agency, can delight your users with attractive projects and keep them engaged.


Alpro Foundation

UX Research | Prototypes | Website

Climate Central

UX Research | Prototypes | Website


UX Research | Prototypes | Website


UX Research | Prototypes | Website

Do you need professional website design services?

We offer various website design services to help you make your company unique. Whether you want to create a business website, design an eCommerce website, web app, or need consultancy from a UI and UX design company on the best visual, functional and sustainable solutions, Dodonut makes it easy.

Design from scratch

Design from scratch

Website creation is a challenging process. We know all the steps to achieve the best website design, from ideation to prototyping a new digital product.
Product redesign

Product redesign

Do you need to refresh the look of your website? We can provide your company with the best website redesign services to make your web work properly and achieve your business goals.
Design audit and support

Design audit and support

Having trouble with your new brand's website? You can rely on us for UX and UI design web optimization, sustainability and accessibility audits, and analytics customization.

We design websites to meet your needs

Validate your ideas
There is no place for guessing. Through research and analytics, we can validate your assumptions, and improve a product.
Optimize conversion rate
It is always possible to improve page performance. Your website will see more users take the expected action by upgrading it.
Understand your users
Due to our user-centered design approach, we conduct qualitative and quantitative research that helps us better understand users.
Achieve brand's consistency
We stand guard over consistency throughout all aspects of the user experience, including your web or app design, or even physical products and services.
Refine app or website structure
Boost your website performance, engage your users and attract new ones by improving your website structure, interaction, and overall UX.
Improve performance
Achieve your marketing goals by optimizing your content strategy and processes that include web design and functionality at their cores.
Match & optimize touchpoints
We can provide you support in marketing strategy by solving your customers' pain points and optimizing customer journey touchpoints.

What led to Dodonut creation?

It is not our whim to multiply entities beyond necessity.
By establishing a separate web design agency focused on UX and UI design, we want to deliver the best content on design principles and build a reliable knowledge base on design practices. Moreover, Dodonut represents a sustainable approach to web design offered to their clients.

UX Design

A successful digital product must balance business goals with user needs. Our UX research and design services help you create beautiful and functional products by carefully researching and testing all solutions that respond to every perspective.

UX design services that deliver results

Product research
By collecting data and analyzing them, we are getting a deep understanding of user behavior and your product to determine the next step.
Ideation workshop
Our design team collaborates with your company during the discovery and ideation phase to uncover valuable insights.
IA and wireframes
We create a legible information architecture and design wireframes to prioritize features and visualize how they will work.
User testing
By creating prototypes and testing them with actual users, we gain a deeper understanding of user behavior and implement improvements.


How our partners feel about Dodonut

The team at Bejamas have been extremely responsive, detail-oriented, and a pleasure to work with. Every single question, comment, or concern that I had throughout the design process was addressed promptly and thoroughly. I'm completely thrilled about our new design, and I can't thank them enough for being such a professional and accommodating team.
Shawn King

CEO at ADEK Industrial Computers

We were really impressed with the work. Dodonut understands what it takes to deliver a modern, future proof website that meets both the business’ and the users’ needs and requirements. And the fact that the final result ends up looking absolutely stunning is no coincidence either!
Ralph Urmel

Senior Digital Experience Manager at Alpro Foundation

Dodonut consistently delivers beautiful design that hits the mark. They are my go-to team for web UX/UI!
Josh Worden

Principal, Creative Director at Trajectory Web Design

The illustrations created by Zuza and Dodonut for our commercial website gave it a real soul. In a time where most websites use the same empty pictures, I am really happy to stand out with a much more personal design. We could also see a jump in the number of trials since the launch of the new website, so I am certainly not the only one to have been touched by Dodonut work.
Yves Hiernaux

CEO & Co-founder at BeeBole Timesheet

The Dodonut team helped Climate Central to deliver a better user experience by balancing a creative, open approach to our challenges against the need to work within the structure already in place. The result is an intuitive, flexible tool that makes it far easier for our visitors to find and use our materials, but also integrates seamlessly into our overall website experience. Dodonut worked to understand our users and their needs at every stage of this project, and the solution they developed is making a meaningful difference for Climate Central.
Peter Girard

Director of Communications at Climate Central

We are well-satisfied with the cooperation with Bejamas, especially with Damian and Tomasz who were in charge of UI/UX. The graphic design meets our expectations - it is modern, eye-pleasing, and cler. We were also happy about our day-to-day communication. At each stage of the project, we were informed about what they were working on, and we consulted the design and its subsequent elements on an ongoing basis via Slack. I can recommend the Bejamas team with a clear conscience!
Tomasz Rudzki

Head of SEO at Onely & Ziptie

It was a pleasure working with Dodonut's design team to build Charm Industrial's carbon removal subscription and our carbon registry! They brought a keen attention to detail to our collaboration and it will result in a better experience for our customers.
Katie Flannery Holligan

Business Operations at Charm Industrial

Dodonut helped us with creating a design that is appealing to our target customer and we love the simplicity of the site and the ease of use. They are very open to changes and always make constructive suggestions to improve the website.
Kaoru Omiya

Project Manager

UI Design

User Interface (UI) design is a step when form follows the function of your new product. Without a doubt, you want to get beautiful and engaging interfaces for your product, make it responsive and accessible, and impact user feelings through its color, images, and typography.

We adapt solutions to meet your needs

Desktop and mobile interfaces
With user-friendly, well-optimized interfaces, we ensure that responsive design works correctly on every device your customers prefer.
Interaction design
UI design is not only about fonts, colors, and composition. Every little interaction on your website can increase users' engagement.
Animation gives a static object a sense of life. We can use it to guide your users through the site and tell a story about your brand.
Design system creation
Creating a design system with clearly defined colors, typography, spacing ensures consistency across the design file and speeds up the process.

Product Design

We can attract and retain your users with exceptional digital product design. We help your business make an impact by creating products that emotionally connect with users

We have experience in the following:

  • HR Management System
  • Fintech SAAS
  • Crypto Dashboards
  • Database Management
  • eCommerce Backend

Zip Tie

Product Design | Prototypes | Website

Can we make your ideas a reality?

Design a digital product from the scratch
You have a product idea, but you want to materialize it in a lucrative way. We can help you develop it successfully.
Dark/light mode implementation
A custom color theme or mode can make users feel unique and increase their preference for your website.
Atomic & Design Systems
Atomic and design systems can guide the development of product interface design with more order and hierarchy.
Branding consistency
As we develop new or refreshed products, we ensure that the branding remains consistent so that users feel familiar when interacting.

Web design

Website design involves aesthetic aspects such as the site's layout, the user interface (UI), and the user experience it provides. We create it always having in mind the bigger picture: your business goals, market research, your end users, and appealing, functional design.


UX Research | Prototypes | Website

Take advantage of our web design services

Market research
We analyze the market, business environment, target audiences, and users' behavior to determine the best web design.
Design for mobile and desktop
Web design means you offer excellent digital experiences across many devices and be open to many different ways of user interaction.
Style guide for your product
Make your digital product future-proof by providing proper documentation for developers and designers.
Take care of your branding
We focus on creating an emotional connection with your customers through consistent visual language and effective online communication.

Illustration & Branding

Illustration and branding are great opportunities to demonstrate who you are, what your brand is, and what you stand for on your website. Accelerate your business growth and attract new customers by combining a unique visual identity, design, illustration, content, and voice into powerful branding

Illustration & Branding 1
Illustration & Branding 2
Illustration & Branding 3
Illustration & Branding 4
Illustration & Branding 5
Illustration & Branding 6

How do we help brands become stronger?

Custom illustration

Illustrations are powerful tools for telling stories. With them, you can make your company unique and reveal your more user-friendly face.


Want to modernize the company, expand its product line, or offer a new service? We can help establish a new identity or improve the existing one.

Brand guide creation

We can create a brand style guide covering everything from brand voice to typography to increase brand awareness across all platforms.

Performance recommendations

Get support in empowering your business strategy by defining your UVP and creating well-functioning communication with your customers.

Design process

Iteration and continuous improvement are essential components of great design. We can provide your company with an optimized product design process. Using the right website design tools and methodologies, we aim to launch your digital product successfully.

How do we design digital products?

We start every project by understanding your business's background, goals, target groups, and vision for future development.
We uncover your stakeholders' ideal point of contact by combining quantitative and qualitative research methods, web analytics, and desk research.
UX Design
We outline structure and information architecture based on previous research. Wireframes allow us to design the best possible UX.
UI Design
Each design is tested and validated, keeping its functionality, business perspective, and aesthetic in mind.
Development helps our ideas come alive. We've been working with professional development since 2018 under the Bejamas brand.

We Guarantee

Efficient Communication

While operate across many time zones, all communicaitons are resolved within the same day.

Deadlines Met

We respect deadlins and complete all planned milestones on time.

Quality of Work

Projects delivered are pixel-perfect and of the highest engineering standards.

Top-notch Project Management

We bring unparalleled organization to every project, ensuring smooth and efficient completion of your projects.

Full Control of The Budget

We establish precise requirements at the onset of each project, and regularly inform about the current state of budget utilizaiton.

True Agile Process

The Agile approach helps us to deliver quick and efficient results and provides long-term project maintenance.

Scope Your Project

Drop us a message

Drop us a message

Let us know about your product or services for which you want to make custom landing pages, and share your desired timelines.

Get on a free call with our experts

Get on a free call with our experts

We'll schedule a free call with our experts so you can ask any questions and evaluate your needs and project requirements.

Receive a detailed quote with a plan

Receive a detailed quote with a plan

Based on the information gathered, you'll receive a tailored proposal with a budget estimation within 48 hours.

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We'll help you build a fast and modern website, custom web application, or eCommerce store that will bring you customers and stay on top of your competition.

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