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Marco asks:April 30, 2020

Why we put Cloudflare CDN in front of Vercel CDN?

I have a question about your last case study about Bejamas website: I'm confused about why you put the Cloudflare CDN in front of Vercel... Isn't it a CDN too? And using two CDN how can you manage cache headers?

Thom Krupa

Vercel uses Cloudflare CDN under the hood, there is a way to bypass it and use Cloudflare explicitly what we did. The first reason is that we wanted to use other Cloudflare features like Workers which are available only when you use the official Cloudflare CDN. We use Cloudflare as both DNS Server and Proxy. Cache-headers can be managed in Cloudflare settings panel via Page Rules. Right now we manage them through the Cloudflare API in a Worker.

Update 2023: We use now Vercel CDN.

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Thom Krupa

Co-founder of Bejamas. Focuses on helping people create faster and better websites and apps. Never bet against the Web.

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