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David asks:October 18, 2022

Does Partial Hydration make Astro special?

I really had not heard about Astro, so I checked it (It has gained good traction after a short period of its inception!). But I couldn't find a real-world case study with that framework. Do you investigate it further? 

Also, I know that React and Preact have partial hydration implementation, therefore what makes Astro special?

Thom Krupa

We actually built a website on Astro, check out the case study.

React and Preact partial hydration are not exactly the same as Astro's hydration. It's very tough (and maybe impossible right now) to do this with pure React. I know the Facebook team is working on a solution more related to React Server Components that will enable some kind of partial hydration but the concept is a bit different.

Astro is great if you want to reduce the amount of client-side JavaScript but still want to use modern frameworks like React, Vue, or Svelte. I'd take a look at https://qwik.builder.io/ and Qwik City.

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Thom Krupa

Co-founder of Bejamas. Focuses on helping people create faster and better websites and apps. Never bet against the Web.

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