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John asks:April 30, 2020

Are GIT-based CMS are considered as Headless CMS?

Git-based CMSs like Forestry aren't they a part of, or attached to, font-end code base in git? I mean why are we considering them as headless CMSs?

Thom Krupa

Good question! Naming things is a tough nut to cract, especially in fast, evolving web-dev space. If we define Headless CMS as a CMS that is decoupled from the frontend then Forestry or Netlify CMS seem to fit since they don't generate any templates nor HTML. They just edit the file in the repo. If you connect it with something like Gatsby, you can treat those flat files (md, mdx, yml, json and so on) as your "internal content API". It's true it's not easy to make that API available everywhere, but often you don't need that.

Forestry runs on managed servers and treats your repository as content source. You can switch it to other Git-based CMS or remove completely and your website will still work. It doesn't generate HTML like WordPress and other "traditional" CMS do.

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Thom Krupa

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