Learn Modern Web Development With Discovery Hub


Learn Modern Web Development With Discovery Hub


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Learn Modern Web Development With Discovery Hub

Headless CMSs, static site generators, cloud hosting/deployment platforms...we're reviewing the best tools in Jamstack space for all of us.

By Nebojsa Radakovic

Learn Modern Web Development With Discovery Hub

In the past 3 years, we've published a hundred or so articles on the topic of Jamstack and modern tools on our blog. We've produced a couple of FREE guides, mapped the Jamstack ecosystem a bit, and made Jamstack hosting comparison tool to help you understand the difference between the most popular solutions in our space.

All that content has helped many of you around the world to learn harder, better, faster about Jamstack and modern web development trends.

But with that vast collection of learning options on our website, where do you START?

Well, lose yourself to the web with


Whether you want to start learning Jamstack yourself or need to point a newbie on your team to a valuable resource or maybe a business person to understand the space and the benefits of the approach a bit better Discovery Hub is for all of you.

It is made by the devs for the devs with a touch of non-dev magic for better understanding. Most of all it is completely transparent and drawn from the experience of our team and it is FREE.

We did not get lucky and became one of the best technologic web dev shops. We worked hard for it and feel that it is time to give back to the web what we learned.

CLICK HERE to learn and meet the hottest tech. And have fun.

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Written by

Nebojsa Radakovic

SEO wiz turned Jamstack n00b. A modern-day jack of all trades with 20 years of digital marketing experience.

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