Website performance is what makes or breaks businesses nowadays.

We'll help you build a fast and modern website, PWA, or ecommerce store that will bring you customers and stay on top of your competition. Top notch custom web development solutions aligned with your business goals.

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What we do

Perfect for SMBs and enterprise


Designed to help you achieve business goals with the right web dev tools.


Settling up for the project’s goals

You want your web product to hit the highest performance scores? Be as secure as it possibly can? Or you want to scale it to multiple languages in a blink of an eye? We got your back! We’ll get to know what’s most important for your success and have it in mind when choosing the best tech set.


Picking the right tools
for the job

Once we understand your project wants and needs it’s time to swim through the sea of technologies and choose the best for your project. We’ll propose you a couple of options with their possible upsides and downsides. We leave the final decision to you, but we’ll always be close to help with advice.


Setting up a work environment

When you give us the thumbs up, we’ll set up the project management environment to keep you in the loop as we work on the project. You’ll get an access to our Slack workspace, Asana, Github repository, and all other tools used during the development stage. You also get to choose how often you’d like to receive project updates from us and in what form should they be in.


Transparent project management

Transparency is our core value and it mirrors in our practice. Throughout the project you’ll be able to access the code repository we’re working on and see what we’ve put together in real time. You’ll also have access to our time tracking app for your project to see how much time each task consumed.


No need to say goodbye

Rarely we see our work ending with the deployment. In most cases, we stay with our clients for a long time after developing the product. We handle their additional feature requests and ongoing web architecture maintenance, so they could focus on growing their business.


Bejamas is highly proactive; they sought feedback early on and have adapted their workflow to our needs.

William Rudenmalm

William Rudenmalm,
CTO, Klira

The successful switch to Jamstack has increased website and data security while also improving site performance and speed.

Yan Schuppli

Yan Schuppli,
Founder, Codevelop Technologies GmbH

Bejamas’ responsiveness and ability to turn constructive feedback into implementable, on-time deliverables are hallmarks of their work. Their can-do attitude made them a valuable partner.

Paolo Stolfo

Paolo Stolfo,
Art Director, KREAM


Questions you probably want to ask

What’s your hourly rate?

The hourly rate we agree on depends on a couple of factors, like your project’s complexity. If you’d like to know the range of our prices you’ll find all the information you need in our company presentation.

How long will my project take?

A Jamstack website with 5-7 different design templates takes us between 4-6 weeks of development work (with full-CMS option). Of course, assuming that we have all the design assets provided.

How long has Bejamas been around?

Although all of us have been roaming the web and marketing world for a long time, we’re a pretty young brand. Together we started as a small web development shop for SMBs in 2017, and Bejamas (as in a shape you see today) was happily born in 2018.

Do you have any past jobs to share?

With over 30 websites and apps built with static site generators, we do have a bunch of them. Up to browse the full portfolio? Contact our sales team - they’ll be happy to send you a showcase presentation.

Do you have your own designers?

Yes we do!