More than 30 websites and apps built with Gatsby and Next.js for our clients from 15 countries, 10 different Headless CMSs tested and integrated by us, and 25 people on board in two years. Sometimes it feels like we’re riding a roller coaster… and the next day, we change to an even faster machine.

When the environment is changing that fast, there are only three certain things we can count on: our flexibility, “always a beginner” mind, and transparency. Besides, we’ve been gaining some cool, tech, and business experience we are ready to share.

If you’re looking for your first programming job and the intro above didn’t scare you but interest you … keep reading!

What can you expect:

  • 100% remote work in CET, full-time position
  • 3 steps in the recruitment process: call with HR, the task to do, and an interview
  • 6 months of the trial period with 2 progress evaluation meetings (after every 3 months, to sum up your efforts and growth)
  • Setting up the core soft and tech skills to gain, based on i.e. your performance in our recruitment process
  • Support and guidance, under our Team Leaders and HR wings
  • More responsibilities one step at a time, starting with the internal tasks and on a final note, working on clients’ project

Your profile:


  • Got a GitHub account with a bunch of projects, personal website, or portfolio to show your programming activity and engagement
  • Familiar with HTML, CSS (SCSS, CSS-IN-JS e.g. Styled-Components)
  • Have a basic knowledge of JavaScript and different JS libraries, e.g., fetch, lodash, moment
  • Have a basic knowledge of React
  • Got experience with translating designs to websites (using, e.g., Figma, Zeplin, AdobeXD)
  • Have a basic knowlege of GIT
  • Have a basic knowledge of REST API / GraphQL
  • Understand Agile software development methodologies
  • Interest in design principles, typography, user interfaces, web standards, and usability


  • Passion for programming that drives you in everyday life so you can dedicate your time to learn new things (and it’s fun for you)
  • Problem solver with a strong analytical mind and critical thinking
  • Organized and self-disciplined
  • Doing regular research to find solutions as well as stay up-to-date with the latest trends
  • Proficiency in English - at least B2+ level
  • Value open-mindedness, transparency, and honesty while working with a team

Reach us (with a few words about yourself) -

Junior Frontend Developer

Deadline: ongoing
Send an email to:

Work benefits

Because happy people make a great company.


Get things done from home, co-working space, or a beach.

Individual development framework

Starting from your aspirations and experience, through team and business orientation, ending up with particular tasks to do.

Unlimited access to Frontend Masters platform

Elevate your work to a higher level with practical courses, workshops and learning paths. No limits, all premium stuff included.

Learning backup

Propose a course you and the team want to learn from and get a 100% refund.

Bejamas Library

We've started building our internal digital library for bookworms - and you are welcome to be a contributor too.

Sports card

For those living in Wroclaw, or those who’d like to try - you’re always welcome.

Co-working space in Wroclaw

For those living in Wroclaw, or those who’d like to try - you’re always welcome.

Exciting retreats

Meet your co-workers chilling on company retreats in cool places, like Sicily or Andalusia.

Things we value

Believability at the core

As a remote team of independent thinkers, we need to share common values and behaviors to make things work.



We believe that working remotely calls for radical transparency and truthfulness - both to our clients and ourselves.



Got any idea how something could be done better? Good. We love constructive feedback and improving our skills.



We base our work culture on mutual trust. To make things work all of us need to be committed and feel responsible for our tasks.



We get that sometimes things don’t go the way we’d like them to. We talk and listen to each other to find the best solution.

Ready to join?