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Road To a Better And Faster
SEOmonitor Website

GatsbyJS, Contentful and Netlify for a faster and more secure SEOmonitor website.



performance increase


working days to live

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Sites with benefits

How JAMstack supports your business

We use the power of JAMstack and server-side rendering to ship value to our customers.



We don’t use databases, so there’s no time-consuming multiple queries. Static sites are even up to 10x faster, with benefits for the UX and SERP rankings.



73.2% of the most popular WordPress installations are opened to vulnerabilities. Statically rendered websites with no plugins are a fortress and let you save money on security.



Traffic bigger than usual? Not an issue with the JAMstack sites - you host your websites’ static files in a multi-cloud environment on a CDN with no traffic limitations.



Implementing new features to your project? Serverless architecture scales automatically as your usage or user base extends, so you can scale your app or site without hassle.

„Bejamas exceeded our expectations and I wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again. The JAMstack combination of Gatsby, Sanity, and Netlify is cool. It’s modern and robust, but also a fast and effective solution for all of our needs.”

Simon Jones
VP of Engineering, Just Technologies AS
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Every project is a new story, yet some things stay the same. We pick a dedicated set of tools for each one, for the best performance possible.

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